The Company Description

The Hawkeye Area Child Care Provider’s Network, or HACCPN, is an organization of and for family child care providers in east central Iowa. This organization seeks to promote public recognition of the child care profession in addition to offering many services for child care providers.

As professional child care providers and early educators, we are making a significant contribution to the quality of life of the children in our communities. Public awareness is brought about through the education of parents on all facets of child care, from the selection of a provider to parent/provider communication.

The process of finding and securing quality child care is something that should be thoughtfully undertaken, but many parents don’t know where to begin. HACCPN is here to help.

Perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of HACCPN are the child care providers. HACCPN offers many opportunities for continuing education while joining a support network of other professionals. At the monthly HACCPN meetings, there are guest speakers who relay information about pertinent child care topics. Providers are able to socialize with other providers and participate in problem solving as well as information sharing. Experienced providers act as mentors for new providers.

All members of HACCPN receive a certificate of membership. In addition, all members receive a quarterly newsletter filled with informative articles and expert tips. The association has also established a library of reference files that may be checked out by any member. The library includes such things as: sample contracts and forms, handbooks and policies, tax information, activity resource books, a variety of articles dealing with all aspects of child care, early childhood and storybook bibliographies, handouts from previous guest speakers, child care internet resources, video tapes, and many other types of child care related information.

Members in good standing also obtain the privilege of security access to our client base where parents request child care referrals. Furthermore, HACCPN helps to keep providers up to date with current Department of Human Services requirements for registration and promotes other organizations that offer opportunities for continuing education.

The Hawkeye Area Child Care Providers’ Network is changing the way our community views child care. Child Care is a profession that must be given the respect it deserves. Iowa’s children are its most valuable resource. Their future depends upon our commitment to provide them with the best opportunities during their important early years.

Through awareness and education, HACCPN will strive to assist providers in enhancing the quality of their child care programs and to help the public view quality child care as an essential component in the life of each and every child.